Who doesn’t love a refreshing cocktail on a hot summer’s day? I certainly do! And I LOVE me some coconut water! Coconut water is very hydrating on a hot day. So why not combine it with one of my fave treats...coconut rum! Can you say...

M A L I B U ? Hehe ! 

This tasty treat is right out of Fixate, and I’m so happy I discovered it! I can’t have dairy, so enjoying this treat dairy free is AWESOME! 



¼ cup coconut water
½ cup cubed fresh pinapple
1oz. Coconut flavoured rum
1 cup crushed ice
Fresh pineapple wedge for garnish
METHOD: Place your coconut water, pineapple, rum, and ice in blender; cover.Blend until smooth. Pour into serving glasses, garnish with your pineapple wedge! 

*Fixate portions : 1 yellow