Start Loving The Shit Out of Yourself!!

I shared this on our Facebook this past weekend but I felt like it was too important to get "lost" there. 

Sunday July 17th, 2016

Yesterday I was feeling so empowered and then today, I got knocked down... HARD.

Have you ever felt as if you're doing battle with yourself? Yesterday I was winning, today not do much.

The bathing suit store is a place where I have done battle for years. Me against myself.

Me against every vein, every stretch mark, every dimple, every wrinkle.

This is not so much a battle of what fits right physically, but what fits right MENTALLY! 
No matter how I try to sculpt my mind to NOT see my imperfections, I still struggle.

So I need to tell YOU this because I need to hear it before I leave this change room, and hopefully this will encourage someone like me.

YOU are not the size of your thighs. You are not the boobs that are "too small" or the butt that is "too big". You are not the purple vein behind your knee. You are not the stretch marks on your hips. The battle scars from birthing 2 children.

YOU are a woman. A woman with a heart that loves fiercely and passionately. You are loyal, you are kind. You are laughter. You are a mother, a wife, and a friend. You are created in Gods perfect image and Thankfully you are flawless to Him, no matter what your bathing suit fits like, and THAT is what truly matters.

So let go of the self degradation and just start loving the shit out of yourself.