This morning I was going through my online health and fitness accountability group and reading responses from my clients for some of the questions I had asked them. 
And one thing REALLY stood out to me. The SHAME that women feel at the beginning of their journey. So many of us feel shame because of our bodies. We feel shame because of the way we look. We feel shame because we have started and stopped a "diet" of some sort... or many! We feel shame because we know we "should", eat the salad  but we really want the pizza . 
We feel shame walking around naked ALONE in our own HOUSES because we are not comfortable in our own skin.
How f#*%@ing SAD is that?!!
I admit, I have never liked walking around naked. Ever since I could remember my body felt like it was a fat suit, covering the body I thought I was SUPPOSED to have. 
But there is no "perfect body". The perfect body is the one that you already have!!! 
I learned recently from Tony Robbins that when I trade expectation for appreciation EVERYTHING changes! 
So why don't we stop "expecting" an unrealistic body, and start APPRECIATING the bodies that we have?! 
Doesn't matter if we have stretch marks, varicose vein's, cellulite, rolls, moles, or any other thing that society deems "unsightly ". What matters is that we decide to LOVE ourselves exactly as we are. If we don't love ourselves at a size 16, what makes us think that we will love ourselves at a size 4? Because there will always be an unrealistic expectation! Perfection is never achieved because there is NO such thing!!! 
I once starved myself practically to death on bran cereal and water when I was in an abusive relationship where my boyfriend told me I was fat every day. No matter how thin I got I was NEVER content! It did NOT change my mental state for the better! And me being "thin" didn't stop him from running off and sleeping with my friend. Screw other people's opinions! If people don't love you for the way you are, they're not your damn people anyways! 
What if instead of going on a "diet" because we need to to be "skinny", we decided to make new healthier habits because we love and appreciate our bodies and want to honour them? 
What if instead of saying
"will this make me fat?" Before we eat something, we asked "is this feeding myself with love?!". 
Make a decision to STOP hating what you AREN'T and instead, LOVE what you ARE, and then choose to eat healthy and exercise, not because you hate your body, but because you LOVE it.